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          Smart Manufacturing

          ???????The fiercely competitive global manufacturing marketplace, which represents $11T or 16% of the global GDP, is being fundamentally reshaped by the unstoppable progress of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is estimated that by 2025, the manufacturing sector will nearly triple, driven by IoT-enabled smart manufacturing which is projected to reach more than $395 billions up from $172 billions in 2016.1

          What is smart manufacturing?

          Smart manufacturing systems leverage connected assets, sensors, big data and artificial intelligence to make better decisions and automate processes that in turn, respond at the speed of business to improve efficiency, quality, safety and even product design. As manufacturing assets are connected, sensor and machine data is more easily communicated to new IoT applications that complement the existing SCADA and MES industrial systems. These applications monitor and control equipment in real time to optimize plant performance and make maintenance predictive and can be consumed from the cloud to benefit from the latest technologies while keeping costs under control.



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          To realize the full potential of smart manufacturing, plants are evolving their shop floor to an open, fully interconnected model that links R&D processes, business operations with supply chain management and ultimately, the customer. These dynamic interactions expand transforming the traditional “value chain” into a “value network” enabling unprecedented productivity and flexibility.

          The gateway to smart manufacturing success

          The gateway to smart manufacturing success is, quite literally, the industrial IoT gateway - a rugged and secure cloud entry point that collects, aggregates and communicates data to and from a wide variety of sensors and disparate systems. Gateways and Terminals can quickly bring IoT capabilities to brownfield legacy manufacturing equipment, connecting existing systems to the Internet without major equipment overhauls or changes to existing infrastructure. Whether utilizing an off the shelf industrial IoT Terminal or a tailor-made gateway solution, digital security is essential. As more assets are connected and the physical and digital worlds become more enmeshed, the cyber attack surface also expands providing new vulnerabilities and avenues to disrupt production, damage infrastructure or steal intellectual property.

          Bringing trust to smart manufacturing is essential

          To remain competitive and reap the full benefits of smart manufacturing and the IoT, all connected assets and touch points within the ecosystem must be secure and protected against intrusion. Wireless technologies such as WiFi allows easy access to connectivity; however, they often lack an innate authentication mechanism to ensure that devices and applications are legitimate. Solutions are needed that ensure that wireless devices can be trusted. In addition, as more and more devices and networks are connected, complexity increases obscuring network and device ownership. It becomes hard to know who to trust. When using cellular networks instead of WIFi, smart manufacturing systems benefit from built-in authentication and encryption associated with SIM and MIM cards. With end-to-end security layered on top, local networks can be guarded and protected and devices and applications can be authenticated and trusted. Strong digital ID and authentication solutions can be added to cellular and non-cellular connectivity systems that allow people to trust that connected assets are authorized to send and receive data. They also protect connectivity touch points from intrusion and prevent them from becoming an open doorway to the value network. 

          Gemalto connects and secures smart manufacturing systems

          As the global leader in digital security and IoT technology with a long history and expertise regarding remote monitoring and control solutions, also in our own factories, Gemalto is the ideal partner to support your digital transformation helping you Connect, Secure and Monetize manufacturing systems so you can reap the benefits of the IoT.

          Gemalto’s comprehensive offer for smart manufacturing includes:

          • Cinterion IoT Terminals, Industrial cellular gateways that work out of the box to securely collect, aggregate and communicate data to and from the cloud. With a wide variety of industrial interfaces, Cinterion IoT Terminals provide plug-and-play connectivity with very little integration effort.
          • Cinterion IoT Modules, a comprehensive portfolio of Industrial and Industrial Plus cellular connectivity modules that bring secure connectivity to any point in the smart manufacturing ecosystem.
          • Cinterion Module Services, a cloud-based platform that monitors and manages smart assets in real-time to preemptive service failure and eliminates costly maintenance service.
          • Sentinel Software Monetization, a range of software solutions to protect and flexibly control your manufacturing software at the feature level, allowing you to share it with ecosystem partners while providing first-class monetization.
          • Gemalto On Demand Connectivity (ODC), a platform providing secure service provisioning and over the air connectivity updates for the long life of smart manufacturing systems. 
          • Cinterion MIMs and eSIM, Machine Identification solutions customized for the extreme industrial environments providing secure ID, authentication, and encryption for manufacturing assets connected over cellular networks. 
          • Gemalto Trusted Key Manager for Smart Manufacturing, end-to-end identification and authentication security for smart manufacturing assets connected identification over any type of wireless network.

          For more information on building trusted smart city IoT solutions, just contact a local representative

          1: https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/smart-manufacturing-market

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